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Toolkit for Treasure Hunt - Drug Discovery Made Easy

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

01:00 PM — India, Sri Lanka
02:30 PM — Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
03:30 PM — Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia (Perth)
05:30 PM — Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) 

The hunt for novel drug candidate is a tedious and time-consuming process. A good workflow efficiency, from start of chemistry to purification to structural elucidation should streamline the discovery process and increase the success rate of developing novel candidate compound.

In this Mass Discussion, Dr. Ramesh Appadurai from Syngene International and Pottayil G Sasikumar from Aurigene Discovery Technologies will share their experience in running successful R&D pipeline with the latest technology advancement. Let us also take a brief glimpse of Shimadzu's innovative drug discovery solutions which are designed to provide comprehensive and holistic workflow solution, ensuring faster result generation and maximizing ROI

Learning Objectives:

  • Analytical approaches for successful and innovative drug discovery pipeline
  • Shimadzu's unique Drug Discovery Workflow
  • Peptide-based drug candidates for cancer immunotherapy



Dr Ramesh Appadurai
Research Director – Discovery Analytical Chemistry
Syngene International

Dr Ramesh Appadurai Research Director and Head of Discovery Analytical Chemistry’ for Syngene International, a Contract Research Organization [CRO] company. He has over 16 years plus experience in this field Discovery Analytical Chemistry. Being in Discovery Analytical Lab, his key expertise is in developing efficient purification workflows.

Dr. Pottayil G Sasikumar
Independent consultant and Advisor - Peptide Chemistry
Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited, Bangalore

Dr. Pottayil G Sasikumar has more than 15 years of experience in peptide therapeutics and peptide/amino acid inspired small molecule drug discovery. He joined Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited in 2006, and established the peptide department. As Research Director, he headed various aspects of peptide therapeutics including the lead optimization and CMC activities. His research mainly focuses on innovative chemical biology research fundamentally linked to outstanding immunological questions, to create new solutions for immune-related diseases. He is the co-inventor of an anti-cancer drug CA-170 (First orally bioavailable checkpoint inhibitor- Immuno-oncology agent) currently in Phase 2b/3 clinical trials and several other drugs which are in various phases of clinical development. 

David Chan
Assistant Product Manager
Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd

As LC Product Manager, David Chan is based in Shimadzu Asia Pacific, managing and handling the LC product line in the region. Before joining Shimadzu Asia Pacific, David was a Drug Discovery Chemist with more than 10 years of experience in small molecule design and synthesis. He understands the day-to-day difficulties faced by the synthetic chemist well through his extensive working experience, and knows how to apply the correct technology advancement to overcome these issues, in order to streamline the tedious discovery process.  


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