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Beat the Helium Shortage, Time to Think Hydrogen!

Available On-Demand

Duration: 60 minutes

5:00 pm — Japan, South Korea
4:00 pm — Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Australia (Perth)
3:00 pm — Thailand
1:30 pm — India
10:00 am — Germany, France, South Africa

Are you feeling the impact of Helium Shortage 4.0? We understand the difficulties and concerns you may be facing. From delays to longer turnaround time and rising costs, the GC analysis has indeed taken a direct hit from the fluctuating global helium levels.

To help users combat the issue, Shimadzu offers flexible solutions to ensure smooth operation while saving costs for GC analysis. In this webinar, learn how our GC instruments can effectively reduce helium consumption or switch easily to a different carrier gas for uninterrupted analysis. With Shimadzu, you can confidently navigate through the uncertain times brought on by Helium Shortage 4.0.

Join us and let's overcome this challenge together.

Learning Objectives:

  • How Shimadzu offers countermeasures to address the urgent issue of Helium Gas Supply Shortages
  • Learn about the capabilities of Shimadzu's GC instruments in reducing helium consumption for lower cost of analysis
  • Learn about the flexibility of Shimadzu's GC instruments to switch carrier gas easily to ensure uninterrupted analysis



Ryo Takechi
Global GC Product Manager
Shimadzu Corporation

Ryo has a background in gas chromatography and engineering of analytical instrumentation over 10 years. He earned degrees in chemical engineering from Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan.


Q&A Respondent

Dr. Jackie
Assistant Product Manager (GC & GCMS)
Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Dr. Jackie obtained his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the National University of Singapore. He has garnered over 9 years of research, training, and facilitation experience. Jackie meets scientists from various industries to share technical knowledge and collect feedback, understanding their problems and helping them find well-suited solutions in GC-related analyses.


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