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Solutions for Cellulose Nanofibers

Prof. Akira Isogai

Bionanomaterials & Cellulose Science
Department of Biomaterial Sciences
The University of Tokyo
More data of CNFs from various aspects under various conditions should be accumulated to further expand the practical productions and applications of CNFs.

Dr. Hans Henrik Øvrebø

Chief Technology Officer
Borregaard Group
It will be highly beneficial to relate advanced and time consuming measurements to less complex in-line or lab measurements to facilitate faster CNF market growth.

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Explore Technologies for Detailed Analysis of CNF Properties

  • Learn how you can accumulate more experimental, theoretical and analytical data.
  • Comprehensive solutions for analysis of optical transmittance morphology, dispersibility, and different surface functional groups.
  • Featuring a wide range of instruments including AFM, spectroscopy, HPLC and many more.

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