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For the Love of Food! Food Safety and the Analysis of MCPD in Edible Oils

Duration: 90 minutes

This webinar will clarify the regulatory status and analytical methods applied for the analysis of monochloropropane diol (MCPD) and glycidol contaminants in edible oils.
Join us to learn how oil refining and food processing methods can be modified to minimise the in-situ generation of these contaminants in order to meet the regulatory requirements.
While GCMS is the standard instrumentation to monitor the levels of these contaminants, multiple sample preparation steps must be adhered to in the various AOCS official methods.
Find out how GERSTEL and Shimadzu come together to deliver the best automated solution for your food safety analysis needs. For the love of food!

Learning Objectives:

  • An update on the regulatory status and analytical methods for MCPD analysis
  • Modified oil refining and food processing can minimise these contaminants
  • GCMS is the standard instrumentation to monitor the levels of these process contaminants
  • Sample preparation based on the different AOCS methods can be fully automated



Prof. Tan Chin-Ping
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Prof Tan is an academic staff of the Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Food Science and Technology, UPM. He is also the Program Leader for Fats and Oils Technology, specializing on palm oil, lipid technology, food nanotechnology, food emulsion and extraction of bioactive compounds from various agricultural by-products.

Dr. Shalene Goh
Regional Application Chemist
Gerstel LLP

Dr Shalene Goh is currently working at GERSTEL LLP Singapore as a regional application chemist, delivering application and technical expertise support for sample preparation. She previously obtained her PhD in Chemistry from National University of Singapore (NUS) and has developed numerous sample preparation methods with the use of chromatography/mass spectrometry systems, particularly on the automation of miniaturised extraction system with the use of commercially available autosampler. Since then, she has collaborated and worked in partnership with various major key players in different industries to develop automated analytical solutions to monitor contaminants or analytes of interest in a range of applications

Product Specialist (GC & GCMS)
Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

 After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Jackie has garnered over 6 years of research, training and facilitation experience. Jackie meets scientists from various industries to share technical knowledge and collect feedback, understanding their problems and helping them find well-suited solutions in GC-related analyses.


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