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LC Column Care & Troubleshooting

31 minutes

The objective of this webinar is to guide LC users on LC column care & troubleshooting. Audience will learn about ways to maintain LC column performance and prolong column lifetime. Guidance to troubleshoot issues caused by LC column will be share in this webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning on maintaining LC column performance and prolong column lifetime
  • Troubleshooting issues caused by LC column



Yap Siew Qi (Ph.D.)
Consumables Technical Specialist
Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.

Yap Siew Qi is Consumables Technical Specialist at Shimadzu Asia Pacific. She joined the company after obtaining her PhD from National University of Singapore. At Shimadzu, she is responsible for the technical support of consumables in chromatography and spectroscopy. The products include GC/LC columns, UV cuvettes, vials and accessories. Her responsibilities include technical support of sales/engineers, customer support and producing applications.





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