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An Introduction to Extractable and Leachable Study

33 minutes

Recently there is an increasing demand for testing the pharmaceutical product to assess the quality of the packaging and storage materials. These can be a potential source for introduction of a variety of unwanted chemical compounds into the pharmaceutical products leading to health hazards in the patient. Extractable and Leachable study is a tool to screen, identify, and use the best quality packaging material so as to minimize the leaching of the unwanted chemicals into the pharmaceutical product. In this 33 minutes webinar, we will discuss the basic concepts of Extractable and leachable study and try to understand the preliminary workflow for the same. 



Purushottam Sutar
Senior Application Chemist
Shimadzu Analytical India Pvt. Ltd.

Purushottam Sutar is a senior application chemist working with Shimadzu Analytical India Pvt. Ltd. He has substantial experience in analytical development laboratory in a reputed pharmaceutical organization. Presently working in application support industry, he has excellent insight at the demands and needs of the pharmaceutical industry with respect to analytical method development. He has a technical expertise on Liquid chromatographic techniques, namely LC and LCMSMS. His job profile involves pre & post sales application support, conducting demonstrations, trainings etc. for knowledge enhancement of customers





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